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Welcome to my blog at Allie Cat Creations! I'm Allie, the imaginative force behind this creative haven. Here, I invite you to join me on a journey through my artistic adventures. As a creator with a mind that's constantly buzzing, I find myself immersed in a world of ever-evolving graphics, art, designs, and more. In this blog, I'll share my creative processes, taking you behind the scenes of my imaginative endeavors. Get ready for a delightful mix of how-to guides, where I'll walk you through various techniques, and showcases of my latest work. But what truly sets this blog apart is its organic nature. It follows the whims of my emotions and allows me to share what moves me on any given day. So, whether you're seeking inspiration, a peek into the creative process, or simply a place to connect with like-minded individuals, you've come to the right place. Let's embark on this journey together and explore the boundless possibilities of art, one captivating blog post at a time. Stay tuned for the unexpected, the delightful, and the extraordinary. Welcome to my blog, where imagination takes flight, and creativity knows no limits. Let's dive in!

A Melancholy Girl's Guide to Restocking Essentials

Today, I've been feeling a bit lacklustre. Mondays are my day off from my corporate job, so I was able to have a lie-in. The weather is dull, mirroring my mental state, and I haven't been feeling overly creative.

Instead, I decided to use AI tools to make my life a bit easier whilst my brain is in a fog.

I logged into ChatGPT and let the magic begin.

ChatGPT is a brilliant tool if you know how to utilise it correctly. Too many people input the minimum amount of info and expect to get the most amount back.

The trick to ChatGPT is to prepare your prompts.

Today, I needed help creating a 7-day meal plan for my family.

I let ChatGPT know what I needed:

It's best to input as much information as you can to assist ChatGPT in personalising your request.

ChatGPT came back with a brilliant meal plan for me. However, the idea of granola and porridge wouldn't go down well in my house, so I let ChatGPT know this by asking it to replace those items with ones that I know my family will love.

I then asked for a list of ingredients and recipes to accompany my meal plan, and ChatGPT output a brilliant, formatted list for me. I could easily import this to a Google Docs file and then log into my favourite local supermarket's app to order the items from the list.

By 9am tomorrow morning, I'll have a full fridge and cupboards. And the best part?

I did all this in bed, on my phone.

Phew, I'm tired now. Nap time!

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